Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Just over two years ago, when my husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, people started asking me if I would start a blog to share our journey and my feelings about it. I am a fairly private person and the thought of sharing that part of my life so publicly was overwhelming, not to mention that there weren't enough hours in the day! After he passed away, I was urged again to write about my experiences as a young widow, but that also felt too intimate to be shared on the Internet.

Now, it's different. I have GOOD news to share, both personally as well as part of my mission with the Young Adult Service Corps and the Episcopal Church. That's the whole point, right? The first goal of the Five Marks of Mission is "to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom." Don't get me wrong, not every post here will be theologically profound. Certainly between now and the time I arrive in Hong Kong, I'll be posting nerdy things like "I bought an Apple World Travel Adapter set today, so now I'll be able to charge my computer in Hong Kong" (true story- did that today!)... But it is my good news. So to both my faithful friends who have seen me through my darkest days and my new partners in mission, I welcome you all to my blog. I will endeavor to keep you up to date on my progress as I prepare for my trip and my status once I arrive.