Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Visit to Macau

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui's Missionary Area of Macau. The hospitality I have received in the Anglican Province of Hong Kong since I arrived has far exceeded my expectations and the visit to Macau was no exception. After arriving at Macau via ferry, we were taken on a tour of two community centers, two churches and an Anglican school. My favorite part was talking to some of the kids that the community centers serve.

With Father Bruce Woodcock, the daycare class, and their two teachers

In 2009, Macau surpassed Las Vegas in gambling revenue. There are currently 34 casinos operating in Macau and 7 more will open in the next year. Over 50% of Macau's population works in the casino industry. One of the community centers we visited operates a gambling addiction recovery service.

Just part of one of the newest casinos

While standing on the balcony of that center, we could see two high-rise apartment buildings right next to each other. One building is government housing where each apartment costs around $10,000 US. The other is a luxury complex where units are sold for over $1million US. I've not yet been in Hong Kong a week, but what's struck me the most so far is the economic disparity here. I have a feeling that understanding will increase as I begin work next week at Mission for Migrant Workers.

Also while in Macau, I saw Mainland for the first time and enjoyed delicious Portuguese food! I will definitely return to Macau if I get an opportunity!


  1. Sounds like a great start Grace!

  2. My International Friend,
    Although I'm having to back-track to catch up with where you are in October, your descriptions combined with the pictures cause me to marvel. I am so proud of your willingness to be used of God!
    Ton amie,